Doctor Dental Solutions

Dental Doctor solution’s motive is to create a new world of dental efficiency which manages your clinical processes and patients with a smart data system.

DDS has created dedicated ERP white label solutions on Dental clinic process management; that offer modules dedicated towards data collation as well as patient documentation rendering services. These services include an excess of scheduling, billing, planning as well as documenting the dental management processes.

Our Approach towards this product is to ease the life of dentists, we have millions of dentists and patients in the world who are struggling in maintaining their track records of past consultations. It is difficult for them to remember a few instances, and it was hard to explain to the doctor what has happened in their last surgery/treatment.

Technogiq comes up with an initiative of social welfare and niche market concentrating on best practices and utmost care of the patient with concerns of attentiveness, Generic consulting, and positive solution.

What is DDS and How it works

DDS is a white label solution for a dentist, that helps them to manage the day-to-day activities for treating patients easily. The moment patient are added to the DDS, System starts analyzing the details thru email and mobile phone and sends a reminder for an appointment. A patient can log in online with a provided link after arriving at the clinic.

The dentist will add all the details of the patient in the system with a 2D-3D illustration of teeth to be treated, it’s a virtual UI that helps doctors in dentistry with an interface for Teeth and Gums to keep patient’s information accurately with a friendly UI

After treatment is prescribed, the details have been stored in dentist records and the prescription will be sent to the Patient’s email and can be stored physically also.

DDS is created to keep records, to maintain smoothness, and each record and future prescription will be available to the doctor anytime, anywhere in a few simple steps.

We Created Software That Handle Dentist’s Day-to-Day Resources